6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Composite Deck Clean and Beautiful

If you’ve invested in composite decking, then you know how durable it is. But with all that durability comes a need for regular maintenance and care. Composite decks can look great if they are cleaned and maintained regularly. And even though they may not show wear as much as natural wood, there will come a time when the surface needs to be fixed up or replaced entirely if it becomes worn out from use.

In this blog post we’re going to share six ways to keep your deck clean and beautiful!

So while it’s true that many composite decking options require very little maintenance, they do need regular cleaning in order to keep them looking presentable. No, you don’t need to paint or reseal composite decking, and it is very resistant to rot, however, it’s a good idea to sweep them clean weekly in order to prevent the grime and dirt from building up.

6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Composite Deck Beautiful

Tip # One:

Sweep the deck at least three times a week. You’ll be surprised how much dirt, leaves and other debris can gather in just one day!

Tip # Two:

Clean up any spills as soon as they happen to avoid staining your composite surface permanently. The same principle applies if you have pets- clean accidents up as soon they happen to avoid staining your deck.

Tip # Three:

Use a mild soap or all-purpose cleaner and water for deep cleaning the surface of composite decks, then rinse with fresh clean h20 before drying it off.

Tip # Four:

A pressure washer may be needed if you have stubborn stains on surfaces that need removing like mildew, mold or algae.

Tip # Five:

If you have a covered deck then it’s important to keep the roof clean as well- especially if your property is located in an area with frequent rainstorms!

Tip # Six:

If you are recycling composite decks, check for loose nails and screws on planks before using them on a new project. Sometimes they come loose over time from the effects of the sun and rain.

Frequently Asked Questions On Protecting Your Composite Deck

Can you seal composite decking?

Once you have cleaned your deck, it is advised to use a water-based sealer to seal your composite decking. It’s best to avoid products with synthetic resins so that rust doesn’t occur. You can also use a percarbonate cleaner to remove stubborn stains on surfaces like mildew, mold or algae.

What is the best cleaner for composite decking?

Composite decks require a gentle cleaner like Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner–which contains non-caustic chelating detergents but still helps you eliminate spills and dirt without scrubbing.

How to know when it’s time for a power washing?

When stains or dirt accumulate on the surface of your deck, you may need more than just cleaning. A pressure washer can remove stubborn spots like mildew and algae from composite surfaces; using an electric model is recommended since gas powered models cause fumes that are hazardous in enclosed spaces.

Use a power washer if: you have mildew or algae, there are lots of spots to clean (using scrubbing), the surface is dirty but not deteriorated and needs deep cleaning; otherwise just use Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner as it’s more gentle on your deck than other cleaners that can strip protective coating and cause the decking to become brittle.

Tips for using a power washer: Use cold water as hot can harm wood or plastic, wear safety goggles so you don’t get sprayed in your face with strong chemicals.

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