Beautiful Decorative Posts for Your Fences And Gates

Beautiful posts for your fences can be a great way to enhance the look of your property. There are many different styles and materials that you can choose from, but it’s important to find something that will suit the style of your home and work with other features on your property such as landscaping or fencing.

So when it comes to exterior decorating for your home, don’t forget the one item that’s often overlooked – decorative posts on fences or gates. Why not give them some attention by adding style to your property. There are many different styles available such as simple square post with vertical slats or ornate decorative posts that have intricate patterns carved in them The type of material you choose for the post will depend on what kind of look you want: do you want something classic? rustic? modern? or something entirely unique to your tastes!

This blog post will give you some tips on how to select beautiful posts for your gates and fences!

What are decorative fence posts?

Decorative wooden fence posts are a great way to add character and style to your property. There are many different styles available, such as simple square post with vertical slats or ornate decorative posts that have intricate patterns carved in them. The type of material you choose for the post will depend on what kind of look you want: do you want something classic? rustic? modern? or something entirely unique to your tastes! It’s important not only to select the appropriate style but also find one that suits both the aesthetics and needs of your home.

Regardless of what you choose, the most important consideration when picking out your post material is durability: what type of weather conditions do they have to endure? Choose a material accordingly and ask the experts.

-Tip #One:

Visit your local home improvement store or lumber yard to find out what types of posts they have available. Some stores may not carry all the different styles, but it’s worth asking if you don’t see anything that suits your needs.

-Tip #Two:

Decide on a budget for installation costs before purchasing any materials and get quotes from multiple contractors who can help you install your fence so that you know how much money is required up front.

Why use decorative fence posts?

Decorative posts can help to make your home feel more like a well-designed, unique environment. They’re typically made from materials that complement the existing structure of the house – for example, if you have brick pillars on your porch then a post with vertical slats might be appropriate; or if you want to go for something really modern and unusual, black metal columns could work! The key is finding one that fits in seamlessly with what’s already there – this way it will never look out of place.

Where to buy decorative fence posts

There are a number of places you can buy decorative posts. On the one hand, they might be available from your local home improvement store; alternatively, if you’re looking for something more exotic then it could be worth working with a company like Amazon.

Examples of different types of decorative fencing posts 

You’ll find posts of all shapes and sizes out there, so it can be hard to know which one you need. However, some of the most popular designs are:

  • Vertical slats (popular with brick pillar)
  • Cedar post (classic choice for a traditional look)
  • Half-round cap rail fence post (for a nautical feel!)
  • Black metal columns (modern twist on an old idea).

Virtical Slats

A Vertical Slat fence post is one of the most common choices you will find on Amazon. While it is the most common type, it looks great when combined with brick pillars. You’ll usually find these posts are either square or round in shape.

Cedar Post

A cedar post is a more traditional wooden post option. It has a classic look that’s often popular with homeowners looking for something simple and understated. Cedar posts have been around since time began (well at least as far back as 16th century England.

These are generally made from 100% northern white cedar which is a durable wood type that stands up well against the elements. It will last for years with little or no maintenance. In regard to installation, all you need is some post caps and concrete! These can also be purchased as part of ready-made fence panel kits to make installation even easier.

Half-round cap rail fence post

A half-round cap rail fence post is a more traditional option, with roots in medieval times. It has an old world feel that’s both classic and timeless.

Half round posts are typically made of solid wood or pressure treated pine. These strong posts will stand up to the heavy weight from chain link fencing panels and other privacy screens which makes them popular for use on tall fences as well as around garden areas where you want privacy but also need something durable enough to withstand some abuse!

  • Pressure Treated Pine (great strength)
  • Solid Wood (lighter weight).

Black metal columns

Black metal posts are a modern take on this classic design. They’re sleek, and simple which is the perfect complement to any style of residential or commercial property. The black finish will also help them blend in nicely with your landscape as well!

  • Strong against wind
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Available in different heights (12″ – 48″) and thicknesses (.25-.75) for various applications including fences, gates, railings or steps/stairs
  • Best used indoors; not recommended for outdoor use due to rusting process that happens over time. It’s best to paint these before installation to avoid discoloration from rain water after they’ve been installed: we recommend using an oil based exterior paint or epoxy to protect these posts
  • Available in various styles (flat, round and square)

How to install a decorative fence post

Installing a post can seem like quite the task, but it’s actually not as complicated as you might think.

Fence posts are usually installed in pairs and should be set at a distance of 12″ from anything but more of the same fence.

The first thing to do is find out whether or not your current fence has any posts already in place and where they are – this will make things easier later on. Next, mark out the hole for the new post onto the ground with string and set up some boards around it so that no one bumps into them while digging (although preferably you’ll have someone there to help dig!).

Next, you’ll need to dig a hole deep enough for the post. If it’s possible, try and keep the new hole at least 12 inches away from any fences or structures on either side; this will help prevent damage later on as the ground settles. Fill in the bottom of the new hole with gravel – this helps water drain through when it rains (you can also use sand) and then put some concrete down (a mixture of one part cement to two parts aggregate).

Before putting in your post, make sure that all corners are square by holding up four wood stakes around them so they’re stable. Once those have been secured into place, add more concrete until there are about three inches left below ground level. Now take out any remaining stakes and fill in the hole with dirt.

TIP: If you’re adding a corner post, then do it now before pouring any concrete – this will help make sure your corners are square! You may also need to add some of that gravel/sand mix when filling the bottom of the hole to ensure water can drain through easily.

Keep an eye on rain forecasts for at least a few days after installing posts as ground settling is likely during heavy rains or periods without precipitation. This could cause shifts which would result in leaning fences or sagging posts if they weren’t installed properly.

That’s why 12″ away from structures (anything but just more fence) is so important; It helps prevent damage later on due to shifting soil around the fence posts.

I want my fence posts to last long term? Should they be treated first before getting them installed?

Yes! If you are installing decorative wooden posts, then it’s very important not only to select fence posts that are treated but also to find ones that are eco-friendly.

We hope this article has helped answer any questions you may have about decorative wooden fence posts.

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