Costs And Options For Plantation Shutters

It’s true that plantation shutters seem to ‘fit’ in some parts of the world compared to others. For example, if you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, a house with plantation shutters makes more sense than say Melbourne, Australia. Although on second thoughts, because they evoke such a strong ‘tropics’ feel, even if you’re in a part of the world where it can get a bit cold and miserable at times, those plantation shutters just may be the thing to cheer you up. Typically, shutters come in Wood, PVC, Aluminium, or Secutiry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Shutter Costs

How Much Are Installation Costs?

It depends if you install them yourself or get the contractor to do it. For a contractor in Australia, you are looking at about $50 for a panel – remember that a window may have more than one panel so that is not a per window price.

Does Window Size Affect The Cost Of Plantation Shutters?

Yes, The number of shutters required will be determined by the size of your windows

Does A Face Fit (Outside Mount) vs Recess Fit Affect The Cost Of Plantation Shutters?

A face fit preferance will slightly increase the overall price of your shutters.

Does Colour Choice Affect The Cost Of Plantation Shutters?

In some circumstances, different colour choices can result in a higher price.

Can I Get A Quote Online For Plantation Shutters?

Some plantation shutter companies offer online calculators to provide you with instant quotes. They work as a per window approach where you specify the width and height of each window if they reach the floor or have sills or architraves etc, as the basis for a standardized quote. You also specify if you want a face fit or recess mounting style. Even if a company does not offer an online calculator, theses are the same kind of questions they will ask you. If you can provide acurate answers to these issues, it will mean you will save on not having to have a contractor come to your premisies to conduct the measurments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Shutter Options

Are plantation shutters worth it?

What is better PVC shutters or wood plantation shutters?

What is the best material for plantation shutters?

How much should I expect to pay for plantation shutters?

From a per square foot perspective, you are looking at something around the $20 to $50 price range for a custom installation. Composite shutters are significantly cheaper that wood. Think in terms of what costs you around $350 for wooden shutters on a window would cost you around $200.

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