DIY Sound Proofing Ideas

acoustic materials, texture and soundproofing concept – foam rubber surface at sound recording studio

When it comes to sound proofing, all those clever people out there have come up with some innovative ways to control their environment when it comes to sound. Here are a few of the clever ways to do it on a budget.

How To Make High Performance Sound Absorption Panels For $5

I watched this YouTube video a couple of years ago and wanted to rush out and try what looks like a very cool way to absorb sound in a non-permanent way in s recording studio or for those making podcasts or YouTube videos in the bedroom or spare room. I didn’t quite get there because it seemed I needed an inordinate number of old towels to get the job done. But I’ve just re-inspired my self. I’m going to go down to the local op-shop, pick up a bunch of second-hand towels and give it a go. I’ll report back here how it went soon. Anyway, here is the original YouTube Video on the DIY Perks channel. The whole channel is very cool actually – well worth a look if you’re into DIY generally.

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