V.Orlandi Now Part Of SAF-Holland Group

Now that V.ORLANDI is a member of the SAF-HOLLAND Group, their high-quality range of towing systems is available to all transport equipment companies countrywide.

V.ORLANDI has established itself as a leader in the transportation industry as a provider of a wide range of exceptional transport products, which are designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest quality performance in a variety of transport applications. During the long history of the company, combined with the expertise of the company, the name of V.OLANDI has become synonymous with quality, reliability and strength.

After its establishment in 1859 in the north of Italy, V.ORLANDI is now one of the world’s market leaders in its field and now enjoys the recognition of being a pioneer in the European market and world market. It is well known that the company’s methodology is specifically tailored to suit the Australian market as there is a strong customer priority in the form of safety, research and development as well as custom-built products to survive Australia’s harsh environment. They offer the complete range of drawbar products from 40mm to 76mm, including a wide range of drawbar couplings and drawbar eyes.

They make towing systems of 3.5 to 500 tons tow capacity, including manual and automatic couplings, to provide OEM’s, mining, military, haulage, and PBS companies with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective system. In order for the company to stay competitive it has to work closely and constantly improve its products and develop new solutions in conjunction with the major players in the Australian market.Please contact SAF-HOLLAND (Aust) Pty Ltd or your trusted transport equipment wholesaler for a complete overview of the V.ORLANDI product range. For your convenience, you can download the V.ORLANDI catalogue from the SAF-HOLLAND website by clicking on the link below. Please visit: http://literature1.safholland.com/sites/damedit/literature/VO-01-0819_V-Orlandi-Couplings-Catalogue.pdf for more information.