Ecodeck Colours And Options: Eco Deck Boards – Move Over Timber?

Looking for ekodeck reviews? First cab off the rank is to make it clear that ecodeck or ecodecking are terms used to indicate a type of designer outdoor decking that is marketed as having good environmental credentials. Ekodeck on the other hand, is a brand name for one of those options you can choose from. Ekodeck is designed and engineered in Australia since 2009. You can get it from Bunnings. There are numerous other brands and manufacturers making an equivalent capped composite WPC decking product such as Modwood and Trex. Let’s dive in a bit to the detail about Ekodeck specifically and get some of the common questions answered. Note though that many of the details are the same for other quality low maintenance WPC decking brands.

Is Composite Timber Decking Such As Ekodeck Environmentally Friendly?

High-quality Composite Wood Decking, commonly known WPC is touted to be an environmentally friendly product (therefore worthy of the term ecodecking), because of the following:

  • The decking boards are made from recycled wood and plastic. As a result, the manufacturing process does not contribute to deforestation. Up to 90% of inputs are from reclaimed and recycled materials.
  • A substantial amount of waste plastic and timber is prevented from entering landfills due to using reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.
  • Timber decking requires regular coating, staining, and painting, while composite wood decking does not. Thus, cleaning and maintaining them requires less fossil-fuel-based, potentially hazardous chemicals, which is beneficial for the environment.

Engineered To Look Like Wood

Ekodeck is a good alternative to a hardwood deck. It has been specially formulated to resemble wood but comes with the advantage of not needing to be oiled painted during its lifetime.

The composite materials are fade-resistant and weather-resistant. The boards are also much easier to install than regular hardwood, being about one-third the weight of the hardwood alternative.

Great Alternative To Hardwood

Even though quality WPC ecodeck products such as Ekodeck can look and feel like natural timber, you may think that the downside would be that they do not last as long as an alternative to timber. Well, you’d be wrong in that. Ekodeck decking is durable and long-lasting and requires much less maintenance over its lifetime than hardwood decking.

The composite materials used in manufacturing are fade-resistant, weather-resistant, and offer superior durability at much less the weight of regular wood. The manufacturing process of quality composite decking products like Ekodeck means your decking boards never need replacing as some of the other lower quality synthetic material deck boards do over time.

The UV stable composite material used in Ekodeck ensures that the material will never fade, crack, twist, or splinter.

Eko deck Colours Or Eco Deck Colours

When it comes to eco decking colours, the color scheme for Ekodeck comes in earthy tones from natural colors such as tan, brown and beige with grayed whites. This gives you an option for something different than your typical black plastic deck board which may not suit your exterior paint design well enough or is the right color.

Ekodeck Sizes

Ekodeck is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so whether you are building your first deck, or renovating an existing one, you should be able to find the size you need. The most common size in millimetres is 137x23x5400.

Easy To Install For DIY Or Professionals

It’s also easy to install; just nail down with regular nails for fast-paced construction that will last long after other similar products have been replaced. Plus installation only takes around half the time as it does on traditional wood decks, saving you money while still looking great! If installing our composite material isn’t practical due to high moisture levels from flooding or standing water (which damages any synthetic materials) then we recommend using Ekodek Decking boards which are waterproof like standard plastic lumber, but not brittle like other synthetic alternatives like PVC boards that are often also chemically treated making them unsafe for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Different Styles

Ekodeck has unique blends that encompass various shades and hues like our “teak” color or redwood in addition to more traditional grays, browns, and blacks. There is a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from depending on availability.

If you’re in Australia, check out the range of Ekodeck at Bunnings and go get a sample to see for yourself. They can also provide a calculator to help you work out how much you would need and what the cost would be. Those kinds of wrap-around products/services are one of the reasons its good to go to one of the big retailers like Bunnings – not to mention the competitive pricing.

If you’re in the US, visit one of over 200 retailers nationwide that carry products like Trex or Fiberon as well as Home Depot & Lowes.

Ecological Credentials

The sustainable option to lumber decking At Ekodeck, they take pride in their environmentally friendly products, which look and feel like natural wood, but without the unfavorable ecological effects.

Thus, the manufacturing process reduces the need for logging, and it also prevents waste plastic and lumber from entering landfills.

Ekodeck In Australia

The unpredictable weather conditions in Australia led to the design and engineering of Ekodeck’s composite decking range. The aim was to create and deliver the look, feel, and durability of wood without the maintenance requirements.

With a variety of advantages designed to stand up to the harsh Aussie environment, Ekodeck is a high-quality option.

With Ekodeck you won’t need to oil, paint or seal it. It’s UV stabilized, so even in constant sunlight, it won’t turn grey in the fierce Aussie sun.

Easily installed by DIY lovers or specialists, Ekodeck decking is available at Bunnings stores nationwide.

Bottom line

Ecodeck is an excellent alternative to lumber decks without the constant maintenance needed by wood decks. Ekodeck is naturally resistant to weather conditions and should not require painting or sealing. It is also rot, decay, and termite resistant without any additional treatments.

When it comes time to make your decision about which type of material would work best on your decking project, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than Ekodeck – the ecodeck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ekodeck

Is Ekodeck any good?

Yes it is. Ekodeck is a great alternative to expensive hardwood. And it’s backed by a 15 year warranty.

It is a beautiful alternative to lumber and offers the same style and performance with the added benefit of being maintenance-free. There is no need for painting or sealing, and its easy to install.

Is Ekodeck fire resistant?

Ecodeck offers a fire-resistant range. A range of ECODeck+ Flame Fighter decking boards is certified bushfire-resistant. As tested in accordance with AS1530, their Ekodeck+ Flame Fighter boards can be used in bushfire-prone areas up to and including Bushfire Attack Level 29.

Where is Ekodeck made.

Ekodeck is manufactured in China and designed and tested in Australia.

Is Ekodeck scratch-resistant?

You can simply sand your Ekodeck lightly in the direction of the grain using 24-40g sandpaper in case it gets scratched. Its colour is the same all the way through, so scratches and marks can be removed easily by sanding.

How much does Ekodeck cost?

Summary Of Cost Of Ekodesk Compared To Timber

Total ongoing annual costs$39.96$979.96
Total cost after 10 years$2,604.24$11,214.62
Total cost/m2 over 10 years$130.21$560.73
Total savings over 10 years$8,610.38

How long does Ekodeck last?

Ekodeck has a 15-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty and allows extension of a residential warranty by an additional 5 years if the warranty is registered with Ekodeck. This means a possible 20-year warranty in a residential setting. See the details of the warranty on their site here.

Can you screw Ekodeck?

Ekodeck should be fixed using 50-65mm screws made of stainless steel 10g. To ensure good results and prevent board splitting, it is imperative that boards are predrilled and countersunk. It is not recommended to nail the boards.

Is Ekodeck made in Australia?

Ekodeck is designed and engineered in Australia and manufactured in China to Australian specifications.

Can you seal Ekodeck?

Painting or oiling or sealing Ekodeck is not recommended. You need nothing more than an occasional clean with a regular garden hose at medium pressure along with a mild detergent if it is especially dirty.

What is Ekodeck Composite Decking?

Ekodeck Composite Decking is a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking. It is made from a combination of reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly decking option.

Can I use Ekodeck Composite Decking for DIY installation?

Yes, Ekodeck Composite Decking is designed to be easy to install for DIY enthusiasts. Its innovative design and lightweight nature make it a great choice for homeowners looking to build their own decks.

How fast can I install Ekodeck Composite Decking?

The installation time of Ekodeck Composite Decking will depend on the size and complexity of your project. However, thanks to its user-friendly design, Ekodeck can be installed up to three times faster than traditional timber decking.

Where can I find installation videos for Ekodeck Composite Decking?

You can find installation videos for Ekodeck Composite Decking on our YouTube channel. These videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to install Ekodeck and will be a valuable resource for your DIY decking project.

Can I purchase Ekodeck Composite Decking in Australia?

Yes, Ekodeck Composite Decking is available in Australia. It is Australia’s leading composite decking brand and is stocked nationally through Bunnings, making it easily accessible for all Australians.

What are the colour options available for Ekodeck Composite Decking?

Ekodeck offers a wide range of colours to suit any design preference. From the classic look of Australian Jarrah to the modern and sleek finish of Slate Grey, there is a colour option to match every style.

Can I request a free sample kit of Ekodeck Composite Decking?

Yes, you can request a free sample kit of Ekodeck Composite Decking to help you make an informed decision. This allows you to see and feel the quality of our decking boards before committing to a purchase.

What is the Designer Series of Ekodeck Composite Decking?

The Designer Series is a premium range of Ekodeck Composite Decking that offers a flawless finish and enhanced durability. It is the perfect choice for those looking to create a high-end and long-lasting outdoor space.

Can Ekodeck Composite Decking be used for building a new deck?

Absolutely! Ekodeck Composite Decking is an excellent choice for building a new deck. Its superior strength and durability make it a reliable option, and it requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional timber decking.

What are the benefits of using Ekodeck Composite Decking?

Some of the benefits of using Ekodeck Composite Decking include its low maintenance requirements, resistance to rotting and termite damage, and its eco-friendly composition. Additionally, Ekodeck is fade-resistant, ensuring your deck looks great for years to come.

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