Whats Going On With Skyrocketing Lumber Prices?

Skyrocketing lumber prices have become a hot topic in the construction and real estate markets.

What Is The Cause Of Skyrocketing Lumber Prices?

According to recent news stories, lumber prices have increased overall by almost 250%. Due to the current market instability, certain lumber outlets are now only honoring quotes for 7 days instead of the usual 30 days. The analysis by the National Association of House Builders (NAHB) reveals that lumber prices have surged 250% year over year, contributing to an extra $13,000 in value of a typical new multifamily home. The price of single-family homes has risen almost $36,000 since April 2020 due to the lumber shortage in a bustling real estate market.

Possible Alternative Replacement Materials

Different materials, like lumber, metal, or plastic, can be used as alternatives to prevent escalating construction costs. Although some related pages in Orlandi’s blog don’t directly address lumber prices, they provide insights into alternative material options, such as lattice panels, PVC skirting boards, recycled plastic lumber, ,aluminum decking, fibre cement decking, for constructing or renovating a property. Consequently, considering alternative material options for building your home can reduce the impact of skyrocketing lumber prices.

84 Lumber Prices

At times in the past, 84 Lumber have released ‘ballpark’ price lists of some of their key offerings and packages (see below), but due to the extraordinary situation of skyrocketing lumber prices due to covid across the lumber industry in general all across the world, these lists are likely to be of limited value in the current environment. This situation is similar for any number of lumber suppliers such as Carter Lumber, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Menards, and more.

Lumber prices are up overall by nearly 250% according to the news stories. According to the Fox 2 story below, in the current environment, some 84 Lumber outlets will only honor a quote for 7 days instead of the usual 30 days.

See the following YouTube clips for more up-to-date context on the situation.

Lumber prices at 84 Lumber is up and inventory is low. Prices have skyrocketed almost 250% since April 2020. 84 Lumber will only honor a quote for 7 days instead of the usual 30 days.
Limited supply and exceptional demand is driving up lumber prices to unprecedented levels.

Here is a summary of some of their latest available ballpark price lists from 84 Lumber. Please note though, due to the lumber price issue referenced in the above YouTube video, quotes are going up very quickly:

84 Homes Ballpark Price List Released: 8/3/2020

This PDF document contains estimated ballpark prices for homes assuming basement foundations and 2″x6″ walls. You are requested to contact your nearest 84 Lumber store directly for a written estimate with exact prices and various options available.
Due to code restrictions, the listed homes are not available in Florida or California. Other code-compliance issues may apply in your area. It recommends that you check with your local code officials before ordering blueprints.

84 Lumber Garage Ballpark Price List Released: 2/5/2019

This PDF document containes estimated ballpark prices for garages.

84 Lumber Gambrel Barn Ballpark Price List Released: 5/1/2020

The latest 84 Lumber Gambrel Barn Ballpark Price List includes a variety of sizes and materials to choose from, in addition to a wide selection of optional extras that can be added to customize the barn. The list also offers detailed information on the materials needed to construct the barn, including lumber, hardware, and other supplies. Customers can also take advantage of 84 Lumber’s free design assistance and 3D visualization services, which can help ensure that their barn meets all of their needs and expectations. With all of these options, customers can create the perfect Gambrel Barn that suits their lifestyle and budget.

This PDF document contains estimated ballpark prices for 8′ Wide Gambrel, 10′ Wide Gambrel, and 12′ Wide Gambrel barns.

More About 84 Lumber

84 Lumber is a company that was founded in 1956 and they supply building materials. They have been able to grow quickly because of their dedication to customer service, competitive prices, and quality products. 84 Lumber has over 200 stores across the United States with more opening all the time. You can find them online here.

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