Best Light Weight Marine Floor Mats

Choosing the best light weight marine floor mats is not always an easy task. There are many to choose from and they vary greatly in price, quality, and style. We have put together a list of the top 5 best lightweight marine floor mats that will help you make your decision easier.

1) The first mat on our list is made out of polyester with PVC backing for extra durability. It has a textured surface with deep grooves to trap water and dirt so that it doesn’t get tracked into your boat or RV. They also come in three different colors: gray, white, black; all which look great on any vehicle! This mat comes at a reasonable cost of $20-$25 dollars depending on color.

2) The second mat on our list is made of rubber and polyester. It also has a textured surface to trap dirt, but it is more expensive compared to the first mat on our list at around $40-$50 dollars per mat with no color choice available.

3) The third mat on our list is manufactured from vinyl that helps prevent water damage from seeping into your carpeting or floorboards while motoring in wet conditions. This lightweight marine floor mat can be wiped down without leaving any residue behind making it perfect for boaters who want an easy clean up after being out on the boat all day long or those looking for something less bulky than a rug would offer them.

The third mat is similar to the first one but they come in only two colors: blue and gray; both are attractive options if you’re looking for something other than the standard black mats found everywhere else (and definitely better suited for lighter colored vehicles)! The price ranges between $24-$35 bucks.

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