Marine Grade Plastic Board: PVC And HDPE Marine Board And Sheets

Are you looking for cost-effective and moisture-resistant building materials? A variety of marine applications can be taken advantage of marine HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic sheets. 

HDPE sheets are extremely versatile and can be customized to meet your specific needs.  As a result of its versatility, marine-grade polymers are becoming the standard for fabrication on boats of all types. The best part is that this marine substrate remains color- and finish-fast for the life of the boat. The polyethylene sheets can be cut with a table saw, drill, blade, and bit.

Plastic Marine Board And Sheets For Your Boat

  • This durable and rot and weather resistant product has superior flatness and consistency achieved by using the finest polymers available.
  • It is suitable for harsh marine environments and harsh sun.
  • In the presence of moisture or humidity, this material will not rot, swell, splinter, or delaminate.
  • Even for special thickness gauges and custom order colors, precision tolerances ensure consistency in color, thickness and density.
  • Easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools.
  • There are a number of standard colors available to complement or accent any gelcoat.
  • Colors can be customized/proprietary in an unlimited number.
  • On both sides, the surface has a matte texture.
  • No need to refinish and easy to clean.
  • A clean and easy finish is achieved at the edges.
  • Curves easily when formed.

The best of this product class have passed the fire test required for motor vehicles, including motorhomes, as outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302. Check for the standard of quality when choosing.

It is available in a variety of sizes are available, from 54″ x 96″ to 48″ x 96″. and can also be ordered in custom-sized sheets.

The product is shipped with a protective mask on one side to keep it in good condition during transportation.

Yachts and boats have extensively used and proven this product over and over again. This has led to the materials being used by reputable manufacturers are trusted by boat builders and boaters.

As an example, King StarboardĀ®, is the original and industry-standard marine-grade polymer sheet. K-StranTM, a proprietary process, is the industry’s most advanced method for producing flat, consistent boards. Marine conditions can be handled with ease by King StarBoardĀ® due to its environmental stability. Water and humidity won’t cause it to delaminate, warp, or rot. Standard woodworking tools can be used to fabricate King StarBoardĀ®, and no finishing is required.

A full sheet size of 54″ x 96″ can be supplied or a custom size can be ordered. The thicknesses are 14″, 3/8″, 12:30″, 34″, 1″, and 112″.

of course, check everything before purchasing. The buyer will always be responsible for verifying that this material is suitable for their application. As part of any material selection criteria, it is highly recommended that material samples be taken.

Custom Marine HDPE and its Applications

A wide range of marine polymers are available from manufacturers like King StarBoard. Using the plastic sheets, you can create customized marine grade plastic surfaces of any size. 

Some of the potential applications include:

  • Typically installed in the shape of a U, the bow pulpit is made of high grade, waterproof plastic and can be custom made for any boat.
  • Commonly used to replace wood are countertops, frames, and trim
  • There are many types of marine furniture, including seating, tables, benches, storage chests, shelves, and hatches, as well as bars.
  • Handles and grab rails for safety and maneuverability
  • Tray tables
  • Cup holders and fishing rod holders
  • Doors and hatches
  • Dock boxes and steps

Flatness and consistency across all applications are ensured through the manufacturing process. A variety of sizes and thicknesses along with multiple colors are available to match or accent any gelcoat you choose. Cut-to-size orders can also be requested, but they may take a little longer to process. A store location is another option for getting custom HDPE plastic sheets.

HDPE And PVC Marine Building Materials In Boat Building

It is common for boat renovations and creations to use marine-grade polymer sheets since they are the best possible material. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is manufactured with a premier process that ensures it is flat and uniform at all times. Additionally, the plastic sheet has a matte finish on both sides. All forms of environmental exposure have been addressed – it will withstand the sun, the rain, and all harsh conditions associated with seafaring indefinitely. 

No matter how long it is exposed to humidity/UV light, the best quality marine board sheets will not rot, delaminate, rust, etc.

HDPE marine boards of the highest quality have been engineered to replace wood on boats and vessels. In a sea environment, wood decays easily when exposed to water and humidity. No matter how long you use it, this marine polymer sheet will always look as good as day one since it was designed for marine applications. There is no need to paint or refinish. Using common woodworking tools and techniques, the board works like wood. It forms easily for smooth curves and has proven to be the board of choice for marine design on boats and yachts. While there are many different types and brands of marine plastic boards available to choose from, it is important to choose the one that provides the best performance in outdoor and marine applications.

Use As Plastic Boat Trim

Superior custom marine plastics are a better replacement for the wood trim on a boat. You should replace your boat’s wood trim with plastic. Prolonged exposure to water/sun or the common outdoors environment will cause wood to warp, swell, splinter, crack, and rot. Polymer sheets for plastics are available in a wide variety of marine grade grades. It’s a good idea to replace your boat’s wood if it’s deteriorating quickly. All marine applications can benefit from HDPE plastic sheets of the highest quality.

Used For Boat Components And Furniture

Waterprood marine plastic is also ideal for boat components and furniture. You can use marine plastic sheets for a variety of marine applications since they are waterproof. Designed to stand up to harsh environmental factors, they maintain their color and finish throughout their lifetime.

Despite the harsh conditions of wind, sun, and sea, these marine plastic sheets are completely waterproof.

Cleaning Waterproof Marine Plastic

  • Using any cleaning product you wish is acceptable.
  • Common detergents are the most common.
  • Cleaning does not have to be a chore.
  • Bleach can be used to remove stains.
  • You can use furniture polish to hide scratches.

Besides the above cleaning, marine plastic sheets require little maintenance and can be used for a wide range of projects that you might want to upgrade.

The benefits of using HDPE marine building materials on your boat or yacht go beyond waterproof protection – they’re custom, cut to size, and come in a variety of colors.

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