Cost Of Fence Panels And Posts: Panel Fencing Prices

Modern panel fencing in anthracite color, visible spans and a wicket, forest in the background.

There are numerous factors that contribute to determining the overall price of fence panels and posts, excluding any gates. It is important to consider various scenarios when estimating the cost of installing a fence.

One convenient approach to gaining insights into the expenses involved is by utilizing an online calculator. This tool allows you to obtain a general estimation of the potential costs associated with the type of fence you desire. It is crucial, however, to ensure that the calculator is well-designed, taking into account all the necessary considerations and customizable options you might want to incorporate into your ideal fence.

This can lead to a lot of complexity in the calculator as it attempts to do all things for all people. If you are based in the US, there is a comprehensive if somewhat complicated online calculator and Menards here, that gives pricing based on the choice of a particular location in the US. If you’re UK based, then Jacksons Fencing has an online calculator consisting of a 5 step process allowing you to calculate the cost of 25 different fencing styles.

From an Australian perspective, this hipages blog post does not use an online calculator, but instead, gives ranges for depending on the different types of fencing:

Keeping this in mind, here are some average costs for some common fencing materials, including labour/installation:

  • $80 – $125/m hardwood paling fence
  • $75 – $120/m treated pine paling fence
  • $280 – $350/m treated pine timber slat fence
  • $180 – $350/m for a tubular metal fence
  • $550 – $800/m brick or block fence
  • $450 – $600/m wrought iron fence
  • $750 – $1000/m rendered brick and steel fence
  • $600 – $1000/m frameless glass fence
  • $800 – $1200/m sandstone and timber fence

For contexts in other countries, while the dollar amounts may be different the relative comparative prices are probably still useful.

Just as a rough guide for what you are likely to be up against, if you get a contractor to do a fencing job for you, it cost anywhere between $65 to $85 per meter (3.3 feet) for a vinyl type fence.

Standard composite material panels (e.g. PVC / vinyl, WCP) range from $65 to $100 per panel. What many people fail to calculate into the equation, is that you still need to purchase and install wooden fence posts to support those composite and vinyl wall panel products which fit over the panels, so going composite isn’t the easy panacea that some initially think it is. Corner posts and regular interval posts are usually of similar cost, but end posts are generally more expensive. Of course, there is still caps to consider, while not hugely expensive, still need to be considered in the total cost.

If you are doing it yourself, you’re going to need a specified number of bags of postcrete to get the job done. Postcrete is fast setting concrete that is ideal for light footing and non-structural applications such as fence posts.

Vinyl panels are typically around 1.8m (approx 6 feet) in width.

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