Ecotrend Deck Tiles and Other Outdoor Flooring Options

Outdoor living spaces have become an extension of our homes. With the right flooring, you can create a stylish, functional outdoor oasis perfect for entertaining or relaxing. Ecotrend deck tiles are one popular option, but there are many other outdoor flooring ideas to consider as well.

Benefits of Ecotrend Deck Tiles

Ecotrend deck tiles have surged in popularity for upgrading outdoor spaces. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Easy installation – Interlocking tiles click together over any hard surface. No need for nails, glue or special tools.
  • Portable – Tiles can be disassembled and moved to a new location if needed.
  • Affordable – Deck tiles cost a fraction compared to traditional wood or composite decking.
  • Low maintenance – Resistant to weather, fading, stains, mold and mildew. Just wash occasionally.
  • Stylish designs – Available in a wide range of colors, wood grains, geometric patterns and textures.
  • Safe for pets and kids – Made of non-toxic polypropylene plastic with drainage holes.
  • Eco-friendly – Manufactured from recycled materials. Completely recyclable after use.

With DIY-friendly installation and budget-friendly price points, Ecotrend deck tiles allow you to quickly upgrade patios, balconies, porches and other hardscapes into beautiful new outdoor living areas.

Popular Types of Ecotrend Tiles

Ecotrend offers several series of interlocking deck tiles to suit different style preferences:

  • NewTechWood – Features realistic wood grain patterns like tropical hardwood, cedar and redwood.
  • UrbanWise – Sophisticated slate, travertine and concrete inspired designs.
  • EcoDrain – Perforated tiles that allow water drainage through the surface.
  • KidsPlay – Bright colors and fun shapes ideal for playgrounds.
  • EcoTurf – Synthetic grass tiles for a lush lawn look with no mowing.
  • GlowTiles – Light-emitting tiles powered by solar panels or USB.

With such a diverse selection of deck tile styles, it’s easy to find ones that complement your existing outdoor furniture and landscaping.

How to Install Ecotrend Deck Tiles

Installing Ecotrend tiles is a simple DIY project. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Clear the installation area and make sure the surface is flat and level.
  2. Lay down landscaping fabric to inhibit weed growth.
  3. Optional: Install crushed stone or gravel base for improved drainage.
  4. Connect the modular tiles by interlocking the edge connectors.
  5. Use a rubber mallet to tap tiles firmly together and ensure proper alignment.
  6. Trim perimeter tiles to fit with a utility knife.
  7. Enjoy your new outdoor living space immediately after installing.

Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper gapping around fixed objects, recommended base preparations and expansion gaps. With just a few easy steps, you can transform your patio or balcony with beautiful Ecotrend deck tiles.

Alternative Outdoor Flooring Options

Beyond deck tiles, there are many other outdoor flooring materials to consider:

Wood Decking

  • Classic look for porches, patios and docks
  • Pressure-treated pine is budget-friendly
  • Cedar and redwood are naturally rot-resistant
  • Composite wood is durable and low-maintenance

Poured Concrete

  • Creates a smooth, seamless surface
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Can be stamped or stained for ornamental designs
  • Provides excellent drainage when sloped

Stone Pavers

  • Natural beauty of stone, slate or travertine
  • Can be laid in creative patterns
  • Requires digging out and gravel base
  • Provides good drainage between pavers

Rubber Tiles

  • Great for play areas with cushioned surface
  • Easy to install interlocking tiles
  • Withstands weather and heavy activity
  • Available in bright colors and patterns

Brick Pavers

  • Classic, timeless look for patios and walkways
  • Durable and easy to repair or replace
  • Provides drainage between brick joints
  • Comes in a variety of colors and shapes

Gravel and Pebbles

  • Inexpensive way to upgrade dirt areas
  • Allows for excellent drainage
  • Requires digging out and landscape fabric base
  • Use pea gravel for foot traffic areas

Each type of outdoor flooring material has its own benefits in terms of appearance, durability, drainage and cost. Evaluate your needs carefully before selecting the right surface for your outdoor space.

Design Ideas for Outdoor Living Areas

When planning outdoor flooring, also consider how you want to use the space. Here are some popular outdoor living area ideas:

Patio for Entertaining

  • Mix poured concrete, stone pavers and deck tiles for visual interest
  • Incorporate a fire pit, ample seating and lighting
  • Use weather-resistant rugs and potted plants for decor

Backyard Play Area

  • Rubber tiles provide a safe, cushioned surface
  • Deck tiles in bright colors create a fun vibe
  • Add play structures, sandboxes, hoops and hopscots

Poolside Deck

  • Use slip-resistant composite decking
  • Include loungers, umbrellas, tables and extra storage
  • Position near pool access points

Rooftop Oasis

  • Opt for lightweight plastic or rubber deck tiles
  • Add planters for trees and shrubs
  • Include seating with great views

Small Balcony Retreat

  • Use deck tiles in a faux grass or stone design
  • Incorporate a small bistro set and container garden
  • Add privacy with screens and hanging plants

Get creative in how you utilize both the flooring and overall space. Add functional and stylish elements like storage benches, pergolas, fire features and cozy lighting to create an inviting outdoor living area for relaxation and fun.

Maintaining Outdoor Flooring

Proper care and maintenance will keep your outdoor floors looking like new. Follow these tips:

  • Sweep regularly to prevent debris, dirt buildup and staining
  • Deep clean decking and pavers occasionally with pressure washer
  • Re-seal natural stone and concrete every 1-2 years
  • Repair cracks, dents or damaged tiles as needed
  • Re-level any surfaces that become uneven over time
  • Remove leaves, pine needles and other debris from between pavers
  • Store outdoor furniture and r


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