Exterior Interlocking Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a great option for your home or office, as it provides you with many benefits. Rubber tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is perfect for those who have pets or children in their household. They also provide excellent traction that helps prevent slips and falls. There are several different types of rubber flooring available on the market today, so it can be difficult to figure out what type would work best for you. In this blog post we will go over some important things to consider when choosing exterior rubber flooring before exploring where you can buy them from!

The Benefits Of Exterior Interlocking Rubber Flooring

– What are the benefits of exterior rubber tiles? There are many great advantages to this product including being easy to install, looking great and preventing slips! This is ideal for those that want a low maintenance design or have an outdoor space which can get messy quickly since they’re able to be cleaned up with ease without any damage occurring unlike carpeting.

Why Choose Exterior Interlocking Rubber Flooring

– Why should I choose them?: Exterior interlocking rubber tiles provide you with a lot of options when it comes down to how you would like your floor design done on your patio or porch while still providing some big benefits such as protecting against moisture, being water resistant and having slip resistance. They also look amazing in all colors so if you do not know what color scheme you should choose, you will not have to worry!

Where Can You Buy Exterior Interlocking Rubber Flooring

– Where can I buy them from?: You have many different places where you could purchase your new outside rubber tile product depending on what style you want or need. Some popular retailers include Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes so be sure to do some research before settling on which option to purchase from.

Australian Buyng Options From Bunnings

Interlocking Rubber Mats

From an Australian perspective, a 91 x 91cm rubber mat from Bunnings provides a safe and comfortable area around benches, counters, and walkways in the home and workplace. Several mats can be attached together without slipping and separating by the unique design. Commercial and factory use is ideal for these mats. They are weather-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They feature an interlocking design for connecting thousands of mats and have drainage holes. Another possible choice is Bunnings foam floor mats.

Playground Flooring Bunnings – Swing Slide Climb 1 x 1m x 20mm Shock Pad Rubber Paver

The rubber shockpad pavers from Bunnings are not interlocking tiles but if you’re looking for a playground floor that’s easy to install and safe for your kids to use around swings and climbing equipment, you might want to check them out. For the play area of children, they are the ideal soft surface solutions. Rubber surfaces consisting of recycled tires are made in Australia, providing safe play surfaces for children, and are in compliance with Australian CFHS.

Frequently Asked Questions For Rubber Flooring

Can rubber flooring be used outside?

Many people have rubber flooring in their basement, which is perfect for high traffic areas. But what about using it outside?
The answer to this question is yes, you can use the material outdoors as well. The only difference between installing a rubber floor outdoors and indoors are how you install it and the type of glue that’s used.

What is the best outdoor flooring?

The best outdoor flooring is one that can be used all year long, in any weather. It’s also durable and easy to clean. Rubber flooring ticks all those boxes.

What is the cheapest outdoor flooring?

A lot of people want to know what type of flooring is the cheapest. Rubber flooring is usually the cheapest outdoor flooring because it can be installed for as little as $1 per square foot.

How does rubber matting prevent electric shock?

Working with electricity can be dangerous. In fact, the National Safety Council reports that more than 25% of all fatal home accidents involve some form of electricity. However, there is a way to reduce your risk: rubber matting. Rubber matting not only helps you stay grounded while working on electrical equipment but also protects against electric shock should you come into contact with live wires or metal objects.


Exterior interlocking rubber flooring are tiles that you put in your patio or porch to protect against moisture, resist water and offer slip resistance. You have many different places where you can purchase this product so be sure to do some research before buying them from any retailer. These tiles look great on all colors and give the home a new outdoor design without sacrificing durability of being resistant to both water and slipping!

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