How To Build A Deck On Uneven Concrete

What used to be a complete nightmare, is now a much more straigtforward issue with a clever, inovative solution.

When it comes to building a joist deck on conreate, the old way of getting your joists level was simply a nightmare.

Thanks to adjustable decking platforms, life is now a lot easier if you want to build a deck on slighly sloping or uneven concrete. You can pick them up from your nearest hardware store, on EBay or Amazon Prime. There are cheaper options and more expensive options but they all do the job of quickly getting your deck joists level so you can build the rest of the deck as per normal.

The adjustable decking platforms come in various sizes in order to accommodate the level of unevenness or degree of slope of your concrete slab. Of course, the more distance an adjustable platform extends, the more expensive they are. For example, in Australia, an adjustable 35mm to 60mm pedestal will set you back around $10 Australian. It has a load-bearing capacity of greater than 220kg and a carrying force of 2.2kN.

So this is a very inovative and straight forward solution available for what is usually a very complex problem.

If the cost is an issue, you could still do it the old fashion way of using thin wood or rubber spacers to try and get it all even, but really, why would you bother when for a pretty modest additional investment, it becomes a much simpler task.

Bison Decking Pedestals

Versadjust’s V-Series adjustable stands reach heights of 2 1/4″ to 24″ , have a weight capacity of 1500 pounds , and provide slope compensation between 0 – 1/2 inches per foot.

A Base Leveler is included with each Versadjust Support.

Deck drainage is achieved using the spacer tabs, and height will be adjusted by screwing the tabs into the fasteners. In order to install pedestals at heights exceeding 9-3/4 inches, quick clip couplers increase efficiency and speed. Pavers or wood tiles can be laid on concrete or stone. The VC2 Quick Clip Coupler accommodates heights between 1/8 inch and 2-1/4 inches.

You can use the Fastening Kit for Wood Tiles or the Fastening Kit for Paver Trays to keep your surface fastened and secure.

Advantage Lumber DeckWise Pedestal System

Advantage Lumber has a system called the DeckWise Altitudes Pedestal System that allows you to install their Brazilian hardwood deck tiles over uneven surfaces without the need to install expensive and complicated framing. Here is a YouTube video showing the process using the Advantage DeckTiles System from Advantage Lumber that features Brazilian hardwood. It is a long-lasting product designed to compete with the composite products now available and you will also find that it is easy to maintain over time. Unlike softwood options, it only requires a yearly touch-up with an oil-based sealer to keep it looking wonderful for years – more than 50 of them!

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