How To Convert Existing Wood Deck To Composite Deck

Wood decks are popular because they last a long time, but there are many reasons why you might want to convert your wood deck to synthetic. The most common reason is that the wood looks old and worn out. Other good reasons include durability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased safety for children with allergies. This blog post will show you how easy it can be to do this conversion!

-Pick up some decking screws and sealant.

-Remove the old wood deck boards with a crowbar or pry bar, then discard them.

-Apply sealing compound to any bare spots on your porch.

-Install new composite deck boards in place of the old ones! Make sure you use spacing for joists that matches what is already there so you don’t have gaps between floorboards when finished installing.

-Fill the gaps between boards with composite decking filler.

-Set your new synthetic wood deck in place, and attach it to the joists using screws or nails.

-Seal around each of the edges with sealant.

-If you’re installing a railing, use brackets that are designed for composite decks. They will hold better than any other type!

-Finish by screwing down all corner posts and metal flashing over any seams where water might leak through!

-Sealant will also keep out any bugs that might want to get in! You’ll be able to enjoy your new composite deck for years without having to worry about repairs or maintenance.

Now you have a composite deck instead of your old wood deck, and the work is done! Your porch will be safe from rain thanks to all those seams.

If you get yourself organized, you should be able to convert your old deck into a new composite one in a single weekend. Good Luck!

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