Knowing Woodworking Terminology

Woodworking is responsible for lots of the houses, furniture and other wooden materials and articles used in homes and office surroundings. Simply defined, woodworking is the art or craft (of which it seems more like magic) of creating things out of wood.

Woodworking is usually done by a carpenter but nowadays anyone can do it, it can be learned to a point in a very short period of time and is a very enjoyable pass time. Woodworking is an art and while it may come easy for carpenters to build other people s construction requirements, most people have a hard time building even a simple four-sided cabinet. Woodworking is an acquired skill and most carpenters/ woodworkers learned the skill early on in life. Being able to create quality and decorative woodwork is really a gift that not all people are able to do very easily.

The art of woodworking used to be done manually by skilled carpenters and the likes. However, new technological advancements now allow for the discovery of new machines that have made woodworking less manual, more modern, and more creative and efficient (plus a heck of a lot more accurate). Instead of shaping wood materials in man s creative but flaw full hands, the woodworkers now make use of several machines to shape the wooden product they want to make.

A beginning woodworker should have the necessary tools and supplies even if he is just starting out in his craft. Woodworking power tools can be quite tempting but those who don’t have the budget for such gadgets should stick with the hand woodworking tools. The modernization of woodworking has lifted woodworking art to a new level. Modern woodworking tools and equipment led to the mushrooming of do-it-yourself shops that offer wooden materials, project designs for specific woodwork and the corresponding tools and equipment that can be used by the aspiring woodworker.

Both aspiring and expert woodworkers should be aware of the important terminologies used in woodworking. One often-used term is milling, which is the use of a mill for grinding a board. Woodworkers should know that board feet isn’t a kind of furniture but it is a standard measurement when selling rough lumber in the United States.

On the other hand, yield doesn’t refer to the harvest of agricultural products but it is the term given to denote the efficiency of milling unprocessed lumber. Waste is a common result when milling rough wood so when you are said to have accomplished a hundred percent yield, it means you have milled the rough lumber without producing any waste at all. Woodworking is also synonymous with joints so you should know the different kinds of joints.

A dovetail joint is a stable and sturdy joint for a woodworking project. Dovetail joints can be done with the use of a scroll saw or even by hand. What matters is you know the technique of creating dovetails and you are patient and skillful. Another type of joint is the mortise and tenon joint, a kind of woodworking joint popularly used in ships. It is also a sturdy joint and a project using this kind of joint will definitely be a showcase of your woodworking prowess.

There are several terms used in woodworking that every woodworker should know. If you aren’t aware of them then you must do some research or talk to expert woodworkers as you may learn a lot from them.

When starting out, choose a workbench that fits the place where you do your woodworking projects. A workbench with a wood top would be ideal. The size of the workbench also depends on the type of woodworking projects you intend to do in the future. If it is just for crafting toys then a small bench would be ideal.

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