Mend That Fence And Save Some Money

The question is, what are the options to mending the backyard fence without having to pay all that money for a new one?

The issue that gets you thinking you might need a whole new fence is when one or more of the posts are getting loose from rotting in the ground.

If there was a way to stabilize these loose posts, the fence would have a whole new lease of life. Well, luckily there is such a way.

The Simpson Strong-Tie EZ Fence Post Mender

A complete fence replacement can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. Using Simpson Strong TieĀ® E-Z MenderTM allows you to reinforce fence posts in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way. A timber fence post repair and reinforcement can be done both in dirt or on concrete with the E-Z Mender, a simple and practical tool. It’s suitable for installation with the SD Connector screw that comes with the FPBM44E. Made from high-grade Carbon Steel that is finished in a black powder coating, this end cap can be easily integrated into your existing fence line to improve vertical stability. The 90mm x 90mm steel posts can be installed in concrete or dirt, reducing the need to replace the post or the concrete if the posts are weak. The studs are installed as a pair (each stud is sold separately).

It is important that you use all the fasteners specified during installation in order to achieve the best results. The existing post must be cleaned of any dirt or debris that may be present around it. The mender plate should be driven into the ground 280mm into the ground for full penetration, along the post, between the post and the dirt or concrete behind the post. Continue on the other side of the post as well. Several fasteners coated with double-barrier coating or hot-dip galvanized should be used (10 HDG nails or screws per E-Z Mender). Concrete should be poured into the hole around the post.

  • The wooden fence posts that measure 90mm x 90mm can be easily and economically repaired and reinforced
  • Suitable for posts that are located either in concrete or in dirt/sand
  • Reinforces posts that are weakened without requiring them to be replaced or to have any concrete replaced
  • The R-Z Mender is an affordable way to repair fence posts, as it can be installed in a matter of minutes in just a few simple steps
  • A pair of these can be installed at a time (sold individually)

So the idea is to create a post sandwich on both sides and lock it all in, if not like new, then at least as close to it as possible.

Another product that does the same kind of thing is the E-Z Mender Fence Post Repair and Reinforcement product. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you can pick up either product from Bunnings.

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