Rubber Mulch: The Ultimate Guide

The popularity of rubber mulch has grown substantially in recent years. The number of homeowners and landscapers installing rubber mulch increased by over 50% from 2006 to 2008. Rubber mulch is a smart choice for many reasons. One reason is that it’s made out of recycled tires, so the environmental impact is much less than regular wood chips or bark. Another benefit is that it doesn’t contain any fertilizers like other ground cover products do, which means you don’t need to worry about chemicals leaching into your soil or groundwater supply when you use this product. Another eco-friendly feature: the elasticity provided by tire crumbs can help rebound clay soils (with high levels of organic matter) back up after heavy rainfalls.

A natural consequence with most home improvement projects such as installing rubber mulch is the need to use extra water. Rubber mulch requires more watering than other ground cover products, so be aware of that before you decide on this product for your project.

Rubber Mulch For Playground Settings

Rubber Mulch Bunnings

What is the best place to buy rubber mulch and playground matting in Australia and New Zealand? Further, Is Bunnings the best place to get rubber mulch in that part of the world? The plain and simple answer is probably yes.

So for playground matting, Bunnings is probably your best and easiest bet. The same goes for rubber mulch. You know how it goes, Bunnings has a price-matching service and has outcompeted almost every mum and pop hardware store in Australasia into oblivion so where else would you get it right? Of course, if you leave out big commercial quantities and highly specific bespoke products, for the everyday Joe, it’s pretty much Bunnings playground rubber followed by Mitre 10 where people get rubber mulch and everything else they need handyman and DIY wise in Australasia. Sigh… It’s priced matched, you can impulse buy a bunch of other stuff while you’re there.. Sigh… pick up all and sundry bits and pieces you need as well. Sigh… I kind of feel bad, but it really is very convenient. Lets put it this way. If my kids don’t give me a Bunnings gift card for my birthday or Christmas, something has gone seriously awry. So yep, I reckon pick up your rubber mulch from Bunnings, even though I wish the answer was more nuanced than that.


Rubber Mulch is produced in Australasia from recycled tyres and is available… you guessed it, at Bunnings.

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