Newtechwood Ultrashield Decking Review

In terms of look and feel, UltraShield decking is the best ever. It uses a patented formula that creates an impressively natural aesthetic appearance. Faux wood will never be as appealing as UltraShield.

A new technology for decking, ultrashield by Newtechwood, is available in hollow and solid profiles for commercial or residential applications. All are wrapped with shield from the groove to the surface, preventing moisture stains and mildew from forming in the wood.

Combined with high-density polyethylene plastic, Ultrashield decking offers scratch, stain, and fade resistance. The Ultrashield decking is available in four colors: teak, ipe walnut, light gray, and dark gray.

Create your own backyard oasis with Newtechwood Ultrashield composite decking, the world’s smartest composite that gives you the look and feel of wood without the maintenance of the real thing.

The result is a deck that lasts for years to come. No need for fading staining, mold and mildew.

Ultrashield technology is wrapped around the boards so they will last once the deck has been installed.

Ultrashield by Newtechwood has proven to be the best wood composite decking on the market. The co-extruded wood composite decking boards timber provide the best quality deck of any type with the best warranty. Newtechwood was founded on principles of sustainability. All products are made with patented technology and contain 95% recycled material.

With Newtechwood, you can enhance your outdoor living experience with a variety of composite products. Using ultrashield technology, our products are protected from rotting, fading, staining, scratching, and other consequences of harsh external exposure.

Newtechwood decking – YouTube

An introduction into our newtechwood ultrashield naturale composite decking product line. it shows the technology the inspiration and the beauty of all our products.

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