uPVC Windows: Why Are They So Good?

If you want to put a serious dent in your energy bills and maximise your internal comfort regardless of what is happening weather-wise outside, it is worth a look at uPVC double glazed Windows. 

uPVC Windows In Australia

About ten to fifteen years ago, if anyone knew about uPVC windows in Australia, it was because they had spotted them while traveling in Europe and identified the potential for their own Australian-based windows needs. At the time, there was only one company that supplied uPVC windows in Australia (EcoStar). These were high-quality units that were fully manufactured in the UK and then imported, with a subsequent wait time of six to eight months before you could actually install them. As time has gone by, there are now more options available for uPVC windows in Australia. Some of the more current options include APS, Thermotek, Amazing and PVC Windows Australia, all offering local manufacturing capabilities using variations of local and imported components.

What are Double Glazed Windows And Why uPVC?

Air or Argon gases are used to separate glass panes in glazed windows, also known as IGUs.

A high-performance gas with low conductivity, argon will help windows perform better thermally.

A double-glazed window adds an additional layer of insulation to your home, which increases its comfort in the summer and its warmth in the winter. 

The most important factor to remember when choosing double glazed windows or doors is that they should not conduct heat or cold, which is why multi-chambered uPVC profiles are a great way to go with double glazed windows.

It might be helpful to consider triple-glazed windows if you live in a particularly cold climate because they will provide your home with better thermal and noise-insulating properties. 

Some of the key benefits are:

High Performing Insulative Properties

uPVC windows help keep you cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter. You can even upgrade to triple glazing if you are in an especially harsh environment.

Energy Efficient And Reduced Power Bills

It is possible to attain a greater than 6-star energy efficiency rating and a 0.77 u-value, thereby reducing your energy expenses by up to 90% compared to single glazed window equivalents.

Good Fire Ratings

The windows can be rated up to BAL 40, making them ideal for bushfire-prone areas.

Sound Insulation

Reduce noise intrusion by up to 80% with both the double and triple glazed versions. Check out our article on sound-proofing windows. We also have an article about the effectiveness of soundproof curtains.

Extremely Secure

uPVC windows can be purchased with advanced, secure multi-locking systems which keep out unwanted intruders.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance is minimal with uPVC windows and they are exceptionally durable. They will not crack, fade, peel, rot or warp.

No Condensation Buildup

A uPVC window does not produce condensation, which can cause mould or water to accumulate over time like aluminium or timber windows.

Harsh Environments

The Australian climate is harsh, unpredictable, and uPVC windows are engineered to handle this. The energy efficiency of uPVC windows is up to five times better than that of an aluminum frame, and they will reduce your heating bill by as much as 90%. 

Top Quality Insulation Solution For Windows

We must have windows, but they present a very significant chink in the armour when it comes to keeping our homes insulated. Throughout the year, double or triple-glazed uPVC windows ensure your house remains at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather outside. And unlike aluminium and timber, they won’t fade, crack, rot, peel, warp or corrode over time. Their durability is unmatched.

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Important To Choose High Quality uPVC Windows

uPVC double glazed windows are not all created equal. 

Because of this, you will find that prices differ when you shop around. 

For premium quality uPVC windows and doors that are specially formulated for harsh Australian climate, the profiles systems are best made from European manufacturers and come as UV stabilised for a long life in harsh Australian conditions. 

It is ideal to use high-quality German hardware products when installing glazed windows to ensure that they function smoothly for many years. 

Avoid Long Wait Times

In these COVID times with long waits for fully manufactured items to be shipped around the world, a good option to look for when it comes to uPVC windows is for local manufacturers that use quality European sourced components. In this way you will get a faster delivery time frame than if you wait for fully manufactured windows to arrive from overseas. This also has the advantage of having a local manufacturer to go directly to if there are any problems with the finished product.

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