Wall Screeding Costs: The Quick Lowdown

Material Costs

The main materials for internal wall screeding are usually just the four-foot by eight-foot sheets of drywall.

Additional materials include things like plywood, screws, and drywall mud.

Wall screed board can range from 3-6 Euros (roughly 4-7 USD) per square meter. The price depends on product quality, the thickness of the material, and the weight it supports; best practice for a quality project is to order 2x more material than required for job pricing. Quality Korkotex Screed Board starts at 5 Euros (about 6 USD) per square meter.

Labour Costs

Labour costs vary depending on the experience of the crew, but a decent estimate is about $50 an hour. Of course, this depends on which country you are wanting it done in. For example, if you want to know how much does it cost to screed a room in Nigeria compared to Canada or Australia, there are very different issues to consider for not just labour costs but supply availability as well.

Labour includes time spent doing such things as framing out the wall area with studs and joists, with a mixture of tile boards. This process typically takes about 2-4 hours depending on the size and scope of work required in most situations. The cost varies from $300-$1000 or more depending on these factors: what labour is involved (is it just one worker or several), the location (urban vs rural) economy, the difficulty level of work requirements, etcetera.

In the UK, local labor will be around £25 to £350 per hour depending on experience. If you need to get people in from further afield, you may be looking at £40 to £400 per hour depending on experience.

What Is The Cost Of Screeding Per Square Meter?

Firstly, let’s make it clear we are talking about wall screeding here, not concrete screeding which is another topic altogether.

It is difficult to say for definite how much wall screeding will cost per square meter, as it not only depends on the material used but also by the labor costs.

From a UK perspective, expect to pay at least £100 for a professional plasterer and about £20-£40 pounds per square meter of drywall depending on location. You will need to factor in the cost of paint, insulation, screws, etc if you are switching from plasterboard.

To reiterate, screeding does not have a per square meter price, it has different costs depending on the material used.

Additional Implications

If you have a concrete facade, it’s unlikely that all of it will be replaced: you’ll need to prep and apply any new material and then make repairs as necessary to cover up any areas that were not affected. You should also plan for caulking joints, paint, labour costs (for everyone involved), concrete aggregate or gravel if your house is parking bumpy (rough service), gloves, conscientiously killing ivy vines growing in walls or ceilings and preparing for tarps in advance if there’s any bad weather on the way.

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