What Are Composite Cladding Screws

Do you need to install a composite cladding? Composite cladding is made of wood or plastic and it’s often used as an exterior wall. It’s very resistant to weather elements like sun, rain, snow, etc. If your installation needs decking screws for the fastening process then this blog post will be helpful for you.

Composite cladding screws are a type of screw used in wood composite cladding and PVC cladding to secure the panels together.

These screws need to combine both strength and durability, with minimal risk of corrosion or rusting.

They are usually made from steel with an electroplated finish, and they come in different sizes depending on the thickness of your paneling. The size is measured by millimeter length, so for example, if you have 3mm thick boards then you will need screws that measure about 12mm long.

Some Options

Kameleon Screws

What are Kameleon screws? They’re a unique type of screw that can be used with composite decking boards. A lot of people want to use composite decking, but they don’t know what the best way to fasten it is.
The head on these screws has two different sizes inside of it. This allows them to work well in either hardwood or composite decks!

Self-drilling Tek Screws

If you’re tired of drilling pilot holes for screws when you can’t drill into the surface you’re working on, self-drilling Tek Screws eliminate the need to drill a hole before installing. These screws are designed with a self-contained tip and threads that cut their own way through most surfaces without spinning, so there’s no need to worry about damaging your workpiece.

Star Drive Cladding Exterior Screws

In the past, if you were a handyman or contractor who was working on the exterior of a home you might have used a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten up your screws. The problem with that is it doesn’t work well in tough materials like wood or metal so your screws could loosen and fall out. Recently there has been a new type of exterior screw developed by Grip Fast called Star Drive Cladding Exterior Screws. These screws are specially designed for use with hard surfaces and they won’t strip due to overdriving which means they’ll stay tight where ever you put them!

Other Decking Bits And Bobs

Decking screws are not the only thing you are going to need to successfully complete your decking project. There is also decking wedges and decking spacers. Bunnings is a good start to get them. Also, HECO Schrauben has a range of products under the brand of HECO Decking Assortment that includes a range of different screws, decking gliders for grooved decking boards, clippers for invisible fastening, decking pads, adjustable decking supports, spacers that allow a homogeneous pattern of joints even with bent decking boards,

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