Wooden Decorative Fascia Board

When considering decorative fascia board options, particularly the wooden variety, it is essential to evaluate whether the wooden approach is truly the most advantageous. While it may still be a suitable choice, it is important to acknowledge the numerous alternative options available in today’s market. To make an informed decision, it is worthwhile to thoroughly explore and familiarize oneself with the diverse range of choices.

Wooden Options For Fascia Board

Cheaper Options For Wooden Fascia Board

Exploring More Affordable Alternatives for Wooden Fascia Board
When it comes to selecting wooden materials for your fascia board, there are budget-friendly options available. By opting for cheaper wood varieties like fir, spruce, or pine and properly priming and painting the fascia, you can achieve a visually appealing result while staying within a more cost-effective range.

Pressure Treated Fascia Board: The Drawbacks

When it comes to choosing the ideal material for your fascia board, it is generally advised to avoid pressure treated wood. One of the primary concerns with this option is its tendency to shrink over time, leading to unsightly gaps. This issue becomes even more problematic if the installation is done in multiple stages, as the uneven shrinkage can further exacerbate the problem. Therefore, it is advisable to explore alternative materials that provide a more reliable and visually pleasing solution for your fascia board needs.

The Advantages of Cedar Fascia Board

When it comes to selecting the ideal material for your fascia board, cedar is a highly recommended choice. It offers excellent resistance to rot, although it may not be as rot-resistant as redwood. However, cedar presents a more budget-friendly option while still delivering remarkable longevity. To maximize its lifespan, it is advisable to pre-prime the cedar wood before installation. Opting for an oil-based blocker will provide optimal protection. Additionally, it is worthwhile to exercise caution when using tannin oil in conjunction with cedar. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your cedar fascia board not only serves as a durable choice but also adds a touch of natural beauty to your home.

Redwood Fascia Board

The Durability and Quality of Redwood Fascia Board
When it comes to choosing a fascia board material that guarantees longevity, redwood emerges as a leading contender. Renowned for its exceptional durability, redwood is a product that will withstand the test of time. However, it is important to note that superior quality often comes with a higher price tag. While redwood may not be the most budget-friendly option, its impressive resistance to rot makes it a worthy investment. Another notable benefit is its ability to effectively manage moisture, even when left unpainted. This natural moisture resistance adds to the overall durability and long-lasting performance of redwood fascia boards. By opting for redwood, you can ensure both aesthetic appeal and the peace of mind that comes with investing in a high-quality, dependable material.

Composite, Vinyl and Non-wooden Fascia Products

PVC fascia boards have become very popular. It is constructed to have the wood look but unlike wood, it is 10% rot resistant. It also comes in a range of colors and styles so it has many advantages over wood when it comes to the more decorative options.

FreeFoam Facia Products

You can find PVC-UE fascia in a wide selection of sizes, colours, and styles through this company resulting in an improved appearance for virtually any façade. 

You can choose from five fascia styles: Bullnose, Square Leg, Flat, and Square Edge. 

A choice of eight possible colours is offered by Freefoam, from white to black to brown, to Sable, Pale Gold, White and three different shades of grey, Anthracite Grey, Storm Grey, and Dark Grey. 

Fascia boards manufactured by Freefoam are manufactured in lengths of five metres, and range in width from 100mm right up to 405mm. Accessory boards are included with every fascia system to ensure a professional finish on all projects. More Info

Eavemaster Fascia And Sofit System

When it comes to fulfilling all your fascia and soffit requirements, look no further than the Eavemaster system. It has been specifically designed to provide installers with an unparalleled solution that outshines other systems in terms of speed, simplicity, and precision.

With its innovative internal angles, pre-formed gable boxes, and convenient measure markers, the installation process becomes a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort. The Eavemaster system takes convenience and accuracy to a whole new level, ensuring a seamless and precise installation experience.

Not only does the Eavemaster system deliver on ease and precision, but it also contributes to creating a stunning and long-lasting home. Say goodbye to extensive installation times and unnecessary expenses, as the Eavemaster system eliminates the need for specialized tools. Everything you need, including components and trim, is included in this comprehensive system.

Unlock the potential of building a beautiful and durable home with the Eavemaster system, reducing both installation time and costs. Trust in this reliable and convenient solution for all your fascia and soffit needs, and experience the difference it brings to your construction projects.

Installers will find Eavemaster to be an ideal solution for all of their fascia and soffit needs. 

Installing this system is quicker, simpler and more precise than installing any other system. Its unique internal angles, pre-formed gable boxes, and convenient measure markers make it more convenient and precise to install. 

Build a handsome and durable home with Eavemaster in less time and at a lower cost – with no need for any special tools. All components and trim are included with the system. More Info

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