Bendy Plywood

Bendy Ply

What Is Bendable Plywood?

Flexible plywood is a type of paneling that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is made from layers of wood glued together with pressure-sensitive adhesives and has been designed to be easy to bend, cut, and form into different shapes.

Bendy Ply is a unique bending plywood sheet that has the ability to curve and bend around a tight radius for any more complex wood projects.

You may also hear it being called bending plywood, wiggle wood, wacky wood, flexply and Curve-Ply, Flexi Ply.

You can pick it up at your nearest Bunnings (if you’re in Australia) or other specialty plywood distributor. Its versatility leads to it being widely used in a range of applications such as reception counters, columns and feature displays, in fact, this flexible board will shape around almost any curved contour. It is available in sheets that bend in either direction, along the length of the sheet (Long grain) or across grain the width of the sheet (cross grain). Bendy ply is an interior-grade non-structural product.

What is flexible plywood used for?

Flexible plywood is a thin sheet of veneer plywood that is used for creating curved surfaces in furniture, architectural design, and other projects. Bendy plywood is often used to create the outer shell of chairs or sofas because it can be bent around any shape with ease.

Which plywood is flexible?

Plywood comes in two categories: rigid and flexible. Rigid plywood is commonly used for things like the outer layer of a house, as it holds its shape well. Flexible plywood, which has less glue between layers, is often used for furniture or cabinets because it can bend more easily without breaking. Look for brands that specify it is the flexible type.

Some of the best brands of flexible plywood are made by the following manufacturers:

Lumbermen, Duroply Board Company, Fabricated Wood Products Incorporated (FWPI), and Plyco Manufacturing Company.

Is Flexi ply waterproof?

It is waterproof and termite or borer resistant as well. The resistance to water it exhibits makes it the most popular ply for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Antibacterial properties can be added to flexi ply. Additionally, it provides an excellent level of moisture resistance.

Additonal Bendy Plywood Facts:

  • It is also known as curve-ply, flexply, wacky wood or wiggle wood.
  • The flexibility is achieved by the open grained texture of the poplar wood species.
  • It was first developed in the early 1980’s.
  • Typically used as a solution to form curved or non-linear shapes in furniture designs and architectural features with curves such as work station arches or reception work stations.
  • As with any plywood, multiple panel size options are available.
  • It can be covered with a wide range of laminates on the veneer layer.
  • It is lightweight moisture-resistant plywood.
  • It is non-structural.
  • It is manufactured from tropical veneers and is normally bonded together with an interior adhesive.
  • It can come in fire retardant form.

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