MDF Products From Bunnings Or Elsewhere?

What is the best place to get MDF sheet and board products in Australia and New Zealand? Further, Is Bunnings the best place to get said MDF products in that part of the world? The plain and simple answer is probably yes.

You know how it goes, Bunnings has a price matching service and has outcompeted almost every mum and pop hardware store in Australasia into oblivion so where else would you get it right? Of course, if you leave out big commercial quantities and highly specific bespoke products, for the every day Joe, it’s pretty much Bunnings followed by Mitre 10 and Home Hardware where people get MDF and everything else they need handyman and DIY wise in Australasia. Sigh… It’s priced matched, you can impulse buy a bunch of other stuff while you’re there.. Sigh… pick up all and sundry additional fasteners, nuts and bolts in the process. Sigh… I kind of feel bad, but it really is very convenient. Let’s put it this way. If my kids don’t give me a Bunnings gift card for my birthday or Christmas, something has gone seriously awry. So yep, I reckon pick up your MDF from Bunnings, even though I wish the answer was more nuanced than that.

Alternative Suppliers For MDF Other Than Bunnings

In Australia, you might like to try Plyco for a large range of MDF panel products. You could also check out Cabinet Timbers who can help you with custom sizes.

If you are looking for an alternative supplier of MDF board and sheeting products in New Zealand, check out Custom Wood.

A Bit More About The Range Of MDF Sheet And Board Products

Whether you want to make furniture for your home or office, MDF is a great material.

Many people can’t afford solid wood nowadays – it’s expensive! But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and don’t mind the typical MDF colour of white-cream, then this could be for you.

Whether it’s a DIY or pre-made ikea furniture project, making customised pieces without having to pay an arm and leg is easy with these products.

MDF is often used as a substitute for other wood.

It is less expensive than solid wood, and it can be sanded to a smoother finish.

MDF sheets are available in thicknesses of 18 mm, 25 mm, 32mm and 50 mm with widths from 250-1000mm (in increments of 100).

There are also MDF boards that come in the same thicknesses as the sheeting: 18mm, 25 mm, or 32mm. There are no standard board sizes but all dimensions conform to ISO 4419 metric specifications so they fit well into production spaces for making furniture on assembly lines.

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