Plastic Swimming Pools: Keep The Kids Cool

Summer is coming, and you want to make sure the kids are happy. One way of doing this is with a plastic swimming pool for them to enjoy in the backyard. But there are many options out there – how do you choose? It’s easy! In this blog post we’ll review the different types of pools available, and help you decide which one is right for your family.

The best way to decide which type is right for your family depends on many factors: how much money you want to spend upfront (above ground pool), what size pool will fit into your yard (kiddie vs soft sided) and where do you plan to store/use the pool(foldable vs inflatable).

Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool: Australia Options

A hard plastic kiddie pool is the cheapest option and works great for the littlest ones. In Australia, you can pick them up and Bunnings for a very good price.

Soft-Sided Pools

Soft-sided pools are great for families because they can be folded up and stored in a small space. They are also very inexpensive.

The downside to soft-sided pools is that they can’t be filled with water, so they need a constant stream of kids playing in them for it to stay cool and full. And the sides may not last as long because there’s no protection from wear and tear like on hard plastic kiddie pools.

A good alternative is a foldable pool which will have more durable materials than your average inflatable one (though these do come at a higher price). They’re easy enough to store when you aren’t using them, but still lightweight enough to carry if needed.

There are many options available out there – just make sure what works best for your family!

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are the most expensive option, but offer plenty of features to make it worth the investment. The most basic type is a vinyl liner-lined pool which comes with its own frame and can be installed in your yard.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, an inground pool might do the trick – these are usually made of concrete or fiberglass that’s been built into the ground. They come with slide area, diving boards, waterfalls, fountains…the list goes on! And they also have their own filtration system to make sure all those features stay clean and working well year round.

Inflatable Pools

Inflatable Pool

And lastly, there are inflatable pools – these don’t require any installation or setup, so you can take them with you anywhere! This makes them an easy option for families with limited space or mobility. They can be set up in minutes and deflated when not in use, making them perfect for quick trips to the park on hot days.

A downside is that they have a shorter lifespan than other options – usually about one season depending on how frequently it’s used.

This type of pool is best if you want something temporary, don’t need to store anything between uses, and only plan to get out there once a week or so at most.

-Above ground vinyl pools come next as another great choice because they’re sturdy but still lightweight enough to move around easily by hand (or even push from behind). They also come in many different sizes and color options, so you can find the perfect one for your space.

This type of pool is great if you want something that’s easy to set up but still looks good enough to leave out all year long as a decorative piece in the backyard; they’re also available in many sizes from about 12’x12′ up to 15’x30′.

-Finally there are permanent fiberglass pools which are usually installed on site or carried down with ease by two people. This type of swimming pool has the longest lifespan, coming standard at least 20 years and going up to 35+ years depending on how it’s cared for. They come pre-plumbed already and will never lose their shape due to freezing temperatures because they use an all-fiberglass inner lining.

The most important thing to look for when buying a pool is the warranty, and how long it lasts.

Of course, there are many other factors that need consideration such as ease of installation or filter type but those will vary depending on your personal needs!

Happy hunting!

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