Temporary Floor Covering Plastic: Some Options

Did you know that plastic floor covering can be a great option for your home or office? Either temporary or longer term, there are many benefits to using this type of flooring. The biggest benefit is that it is pretty inexpensive, followed by it being easy to install. Plastic floor coverings also come in many different colors so they will match any décor style. In addition, there may be times when you want some temporty protection for you flooring and carpets while remodelling etc, or just to delay some of the constant wear and tear. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the top options when it comes to choosing plastic floor coverings for your space.

Plastic / PVC Tiles

You can get a wide selection of hard and soft plastic PVC and Vinyl floor tiles that interlock together and can be used to cover garage floors and decks etc. They also work well as indoor flooring for gym floors.

These type of tiles are lightweight and easy to clean with soap and water. You can find them at most hardware stores or home improvement centers such as Bunnings in Australia or Home Depot in the US.

They come in a wide range of designs, colors, and textures so you will easily find the right one to suite your needs.

Vinyl Floor Coverings

Fatra Vinyl Floor Coverings

Vinyl floor covering manufacturer Fatra is based in Europe. Vinyl floors blend into modern lifestyles, improve living conditions, contribute to a healthy and clean environment, and protect against allergies.

Thier special floor coverings are designed to eliminate electrostatic charges. All of these types are made from high-quality materials, so they can be used in residences, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and light industrial  facilities.

Matching cords, floor strips, and stair edges are available from them to complete the assortment of vinyl floor coverings. Vinyl flooring from Fatra conforms to the European ISO 9001 standard.

Plastic flooring from Fatra conforms to the European ISO standard and is made of high quality PVC as well as recyclable materials such as PETE. In addition, surface protection films are an excellent option for protecting surfaces during construction or remodeling projects where a smooth and clean surface is required.

Temporary Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection is a great way to prevent time consuming cleaning and expensive repairs. Products like plastic carpet covering and reusable floor protection can help you preserve your investment and keep them looking new.

Temporty Carpet Protector is a great option for indoor spaces such as classrooms, where the carpet may get dirty from food or pencil nubs.

You can also use it in high traffic areas like apartment staircases to protect them from wear and tear caused by foot traffic.

The protector consists of an adhesive backing that you simply peel off to stick onto your carpet. It has three layers – protection fabric, waterproof lining and brushed pile on top which protects the nail heads etc…

It’s easy to maintain this type of flooring with regular vacuuming (or weekly professional cleaning) because dirt doesn’t penetrate through all three layers. When it does become heavily soiled you can just take up the protector, wash one side of it and stick it back down.

Carpet & Floor Plastic Polyethylene Films Floor Protection

There are some proctector film options for protecting your carpets while you do some renovating, such as polyethylene sheeting/plastic sheeting. Self-adhesive plastic protection film can be used to protect carpets from costly damage and repairs during construction and renovation projects.

The self-adhesive plastic protection film helps to protect your carpets during renovation work, preventing damage and repairing costs. It’s a temporary solution to keep messes such as paint, glue, dirt, and grime from getting onto your carpets. With its 90 micron thickness, the sticky back carpet protection film is extremely durable.

Having the sticky side on the outside makes it easier to lay and install the roll.

It protects your carpets for a variety of different reasons and needs, including:

  • Stairways with carpet need to be protected
  • Hallways with carpeting
  • Foyers with carpet
  • Carpet protection for removalists!
  • Party, event, and function carpet protection
  • Dog and cat carpet protection
  • Make sure your carpets are protected when your child is toilet training
  • Painting & decorating carpet protection

You can get durable self-stick plastic carpet protector rolls from Amazon. For example, Carpet Protection Film 24″ x 200′ Carpet Cover Clear Protective Film.

Another option available in the USA is KleenKover Carpet Film Temporary Carpet Protection 24″ X 200′ Reverse Wind, and it is made in USA.

How To Cover Floors With Plastic Sheets for Painting

Remove all furniture and flooring from the area to be painted. Carefully place a large piece of plastic under each door (do not discard). Tape down any loose edges with masking tape. Cover windows and other openings in the same way, using smaller pieces of plastic or layers if necessary.

Surface Protection Films From Open House Carpet.

Open House Carpet offers a range of surface protection films. They offer a high-quality surface protection film delivered for free within the continental 48 states of the USA.

Easy Mask – Cling Cover Plastic.

Cling Cover Plastic Sheeting is the perfect self-adhering masking film for all your construction and remodeling jobs.


Trimaco has a large range of protection prducts such as drop sheets and plastic sheeting. Trimaco’s premium film is treated with a high-quality, durable coating that withstands extreme heat and cold.


Ameri-Mat, Inc., offers a variety of plastic matting products that are appropriate for any type of flooring or environment including heavy duty ribbed mats for food processing facilities, office lobbies and industrial settings as well as an under-mat system which can be used underneath carpet when you want to extend its life.


The 3 ft. x 200 ft. 3-mil Temporary Self-adhesive Carpet Protection Film is made for carpets and has a water-based adhesive. It comes with 3-mil polyethylene film and a clear, protective laminate to seal in dirt.

Ameri-Cover provides high quality products that are made for ease of use and affordability as well as being eco-friendly.

Plastic Floor Covers On eBay

You can find some good deals on eBay for plastic floor cover plastic cover film, so it is worth a check to see what you can find.

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