Cladding Panels For Caravans

Aluminium Caravan Panels

Do you need to purchase aluminium cladding panels for your caravan? Is aluminium cladding even the right way to go? If you want to get your head around these issues, keep reading! This article will highlight the issues of choosing the right aluminium cladding panels during the construction or repair process of your caravan and provide tips on where to buy them.

Choosing The Best Caravan Cladding Panels

The quality of aluminum cladding panels can vary greatly depending upon where they’re produced: whilst some are made using recycled materials and processes which ensure low carbon emissions throughout production, others may not be.

Choose your cladding panels wisely, and you may want to consider environmental factors and material property factors when making a decision about where to buy them from. So bottom line is, do some research. We go into some of the material properties further down the page on this blog post.

Places To Buy Aluminium Cladding Panels

Retail Store Options

There are many online stores that sell aluminum cladding panels, but some of the ones that offer them at a discounted price include Home Depot and Lowe’s in the US and Bunnings in Australia and New Zealand. You may also find some retail outlets that specialize in the area where you can really drill into the detail. For example, Coast To Coast Caravan And Leasure distribute their range of products to many retail suppliers around Australia and New Zealand, so you can use them to find a local distributor for whatever you want.

If you want to find these items in person then head on over to your nearest hardware store or home improvement retail structure for more options.

Online Buying Options

If you can’t find local expertise with competitive prices, the best place to buy aluminium or other types of caravan cladding panels is from an online retailer as this will provide customers with access all around the world – make sure you check out all the details and cost for shipping though, if the panelling will be shipped from another country. General e-commerce websites like EBay, Amazon are a good place to start.

More About Choosing The Best Caravan Cladding Panels

There are traditionally 3 primary external cladding materials for caravans that include aluminium, composite aluminium, and fiberglass sandwich panels (Full composite). Different construction materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminium Cladding For Caravans

Most caravan manufacturers still use aluminum sheeting similar to what is used in garden sheds for cladding. The problem is that it is only 0.7mm thick and accordingly is susceptible to weather damage and being scratched against a solid surface.

An additional disadvantage is that every 300 mm height wise, there needs to be a join. Because of the many joins in the external aluminium sheeting, water leakage can also be a problem over time.

Several of the better manufacturers have shifted away from this style of cladding entirely.

Auminium Composite Cladding For Caravans

Aluminium composite cladding is 3 mm thick, which offers improved insulation qualities, is tougher and is largely hail resistant. In addition, there is only have 1 to 2 joins in the whole of a wall of a caravan compared to the 30 or so with conventional Aluminium sheeting. This minimizes the chance of leaks and water damage dramatically. Another great advantage of aluminium composite is its ease of repair.

Overall, Aluminum Composite Cladding is a more modern and better product.

Fibreglass Sandwich Panels For Caravans

Although being used on and off since the 1970s, Fibreglass cladding is connected with many difficulties such as bubbling, delamination, crazing, and corrosion. This material can be extremely strong and light weight. It can also be resistant to water damage if it’s done correctly. You must keep in mind, however, that if damage occurs, getting it fixed often proves quite challenging and complicated.

Overall, based on serviceability, longevity and overall strength, composite wall construction is considered the best choice for the future.

Benefits Of Aluminium Cladding On Caravans

Physical Properties

One of the most important features of aluminium cladding panels is their physical properties. Aluminum will not rust like other metals, such as steel or copper, and its durable design can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow. This means that your caravan won’t have to be put under cover during the winter months for fear of incurring damage!

Heat Reflecting Properties

Aluminium also reflects heat better than a lot of common building materials, so these cladding panels are especially useful in areas where temperatures can get uncomfortably high from time to time. As long as you install aluminium panels on both sides of your caravan’s exterior walls (wherever they’re exposed), this reflective quality will ensure it stays cooler inside even when outside temps rise above 100 degrees (around 38 degrees celsius).

This is why aluminium panels are a popular choice for people living in the south and southwest of America, where summer temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes caravans with aluminium cladding perfect options for those looking to beat the heat!

Aluminium’s reflective quality also helps keep it cool in winter months when snow cover reflects sunlight away from your caravan.

DIY Properties

Because they’re thin enough to be easily bent into shape by hand (and many other installation methods), these aluminum claddings are an easy DIY method of improving your caravan’s appearance.

Aluminium panels come in many different styles that will blend seamlessly with any style of caravan.

This makes them perfect for people looking to improve either the exterior aesthetic appeal of their home away from home or its functionality by saving energy costs during those long hot summer days!

So overall, they make for easy installation with little to no need for professional help if you’re DIY inclined.

Frequently Asked Questions For Caravan Cladding

What is the best caravan cladding?


There are 3 popular types. Aluminum, aluminum composite substrate (ACP), and fiberglass. Choose the one that suits your budget and lifestyle, they’re all good. The only difference will be the quality of material used as well as weather resistance etc.

Aluminum – Lowest quality material but also lowest cost so if you have a small budget this is what I would recommend. ACP – A good middle ground between price and quality but also much more expensive to make than aluminum, so it adds to the cost quite a lot for what can be better protection against harsh climates depending on where you live though Fiberglass – The most expensive option but provides excellent weather resistance and is top of the line when it comes to quality materials.

How thick is caravan cladding?

The thickness of caravan cladding can range from just 1mm to 8mm, and typically needs to be at least 3.5mm thick if it is used externally on a caravan. Cladding needs to be much thicker exteriorly since it is exposed to both sun and rain and wind. Internal cladding will not face these same weather conditions so doesn’t need as much of a layer.

What can I use for caravan walls?

The walls of a caravan can be covered with almost any type of paneling, vinyl wallpaper, plastic sheeting, plywood or Masonite boards.
Lightweight wall coverings are generally preferred over heavier ones due to the need of keeping the overall weight as light as possible.

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