Composite Garden Edging Products: Good Choice?

Garden edging is often a bit of an afterthought. We’ll spend ages thinking about what kind of gravel or mulch we’ll need, then spend a few seconds deciding what edging product we’re goign to hold it all in with. We need to think about how it will preform for whipper snipping, mowing and general wear and tear when the kids run in to it with thier bikes.

Composite Garden Edging Products

Products within the Composite Garden Edging collection use leading manufacturing technologies, materials research, and their innovative designs to create decorative garden edging and bender board products for landscape design and garden care. 

Hardwood timber meets the design flexibility and durability of composite materials in this range of edging products.

Composite Garden Edging offers a high quality, easy to maintain, attractive alternative to traditional timber based landscape edging products. 

Composite Edging products are primarily made of recycled wood and polyethylene plastic. You will not need to worry about fungal decay or termites creating structural damage, as these materials will not rot, split, splinter, or decay over time. 

Additionally, it will save you a lot of time and money over many alternatives when it comes to garden edging.

Use Composite Edging products to ensure a long life for your landscaping projects.

Advantages Of Composite Garden Edging Products

What are some of the benefits Of Composite Landscape Edging?

  • Long life – The typical lifespan of this type of product over 40 years.
  • Looks great – An attractive looking wood-look material without the usual maintenance.
  • Flexible – It can be used for any shape in the lawn or path. No more trying to get rigid wood to conform to your creative curves.
  • Environmentally friendly – It is made from Recycled materials so you can do your bit for  helping the environment.
  • Easy to install – There are no special skills or tools required to install it in the garden..
  • Tough – It won’t crack, rot, peel or chip when hit by weed trimmer or the wheelbarrow wheel.

To summarize the advantages of the landscape border, it keeps the garden tidy and attractive, while offering greater value for money compared to metal, concrete, steel, and brick garden edging.

Installing Composite Garden Edging

This type of edging is very easy to install:

  1. Unravel it from its tightly wound packaging
  2. Weight it down with books or water containers to straighten it and let the curves loosen.
  3. Wait up for 24 hours to allow it to straighten.
  4. Cut it to size with a small hand saw or similar.
  5. Rather than digging a deep trench around the perimeter of the bed, use a small gardening hand trowel to make a shallow trench 1 or 2 inches wide. It’s easier to do this after a few days of rain so the soil becomes soft. Alternatively, you can water the area well so it becomes softer.
  6. Unravel the edging and stake it into place using metal stakes (typically included).
  7. The whole task typically only takes 15 minutes or so. Simple!

Wooden Garden Edging Products

The good thing about timber garden edging is that it can be a DIY project – something much harder if the edging is brick, concrete or stone, etc.

Wooden garden edging is pretty much all there was until recently when the composite and vinyl options arrived on the scene. The problem with wood as an edging product is what to do about curves. That’s when you need some clever solutions to get around those bends. If you don’t want to do those graceful curves, there are a lot of options available.


Jarrah is a good choice as it is quite flexable, so with adequate staking, will go around those curves.

Iron Bark

Suitable for straigte edges or retaining walls.

Treated Plantation Pine Garden Edging

Treated pine garden edging is an excellent way to create a beautiful, durable and elegant looking border for your garden. It can be used as both the edge of a flower bed or to define property lines. Treated pine is long-lasting, it won’t rot like other forms of wood and its durability means that you don’t have to worry about replacing it periodically.

This anti-rot property is a major feature. It doesn’t matter how much exposure to moisture the wood has had, it won’t decay or split like many other types of timber do. This means that you don’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance throughout your garden’s lifespan.

H-4 Grade Treated Pine Garden Edging

H-grade treated pine is the highest grade of pine available. It has been processed using a treatment that produces an extremely durable and long-lasting timber, meaning you won’t have to replace it for many years. H-grade can be used both in garden edging as well as fencing or other outdoor structures such as bird house surrounds. The material will not rot like untreated wood varieties do so there are no worries about maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Affordability Of Treated Pine Garden Edging

Treated pine also comes at reasonable prices which make this type of product affordable for most consumers looking to enhance their gardens with attractive features. It is much cheaper than other types of garden edging materials.

For treated pine garden edging, typical costs are around $0.50 per linear foot ($1.50 per linear meter) which is cheaper than other types of garden edging materials such as granite or brick, and it lasts a lot longer too.

Sizes And Variations Of Treated Pine Garden Edging

It comes in various sizes, from heavy sleepers to thinner more bendable varieties.

This is the main alternative to Jarrah edging. On the plus side, it is durable, plantation pine that you can get in a natural color. Ideal uses include pergolas, garden beds, and low garden borders. Its only drawbacks are it must generally be used for straight sections and is not recommended for vegetable gardens due to the treated nature of the wood.

If you really need to have some nice bends and curves in your edging, there is a treated pine product called border log roll that consists of half cut mini logs (around 1ft high), flexibly attached so you can roll them around a curved edge.

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